Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tonight... My heart is aching... Hello my precious children. you don't understand this but.. the doors have been closed for us to come and give you loving homes.. at least for now.. I am standing on the faith God will break you all free. So with this I say you will never be forgotten! I would go on but there are no words to explain the pain in my heart for you all.(my heart is half empty) I love you all and wish anything to hold you and kiss you and tell you a thousand times I love you. you are in the care of Jesus and he has the best plans for all of your lives. we Just have to be strong and trust him okay?.... :'( Mwah* mwah* Mommy loves you guys. I hope you are all dreaming well tonight. I will always wonder. did you laugh today? did you cry? did you play? did you have a bath? were you tickled and played with? will anyone love on you? these will all go Unanswered .. stay strong for mommy okay!?! everything will be alright the Lord will send someone to come for you. I will always Love you.

Love, Mama!                                

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dear my loves!!! I wanted to say happy valentines day and that even though today is a day to show your love more. I love you every day of the year and not a day goes by I don't wish I could hold you in my arms and show you everyday! I am always thinking of each and everyone of you and praying you get mommies and daddies so you will know the feeling of celebrating a holiday with a family! So again Happy valentines day. Love, Mama!!! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

 Dear little mr. bracken. Welcome to mama's heart. I am praying you find a family and you are loved like no other. The whole deal in russia wont stop you from getting a family our God is bigger then that. there is scripture that talks about it even and its Gods promise that you wont be an orphan. here is one John 14:18 I will NOT leave you as orphans, I WILL come to you. Gods promise♥ so you see? you have nothing to worry about God has a plan for your life and he wants nothing but the best for you. Mama loves you so much. I wish i could kiss and hug you. but i am doing it in my heart. you and the rest of these babies mean so much to me and i will fight in prayer to save you. PRAYER IS POWERFUL. one of my baby girls were where you are bubby. and i prayed for her none stop her name is lucy. she is now home with her new mommy and daddy and siblings. your time is coming you just hang in there and you'll see. I don't see how anyone couldnt love a precious face like yours. 

Love Mama<3

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear blog.. I am happy to say three of my sweet babies have found their forever families "kenny, keegan, and alix. I sat crying when i was reading the news. God has been so good. he listens when I pray. he knows they need love and affection. if I could take all of you, trust me i would. I love all of you with every beat of my heart I can't say it enough. you guys are all i can think about. still over here praying with every breath i take that your mommy and daddy come for you real soon.<3 Mama loves you babieCakes.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dear my precious babies. mama Loves you so very much and i think about you guys every day. there is not a day that goes by I dont think of you. Life has just been crazy and i wish i could hold each and everyone of you in my arms and just show you everything was gonna be alright. I pray every day you(all) WILL find your forever families. tomorrow morning I go to church and i will say an extra prayer just for you guys you see its prayer month and we pray for a few hours on a sunday night. it makes a differance in the world. I know it does. because most of you have a family. and a friend is coming home with there forever baby. there for everything will be alright, you're mamma and daddys will be there to get all of you shortly. God has a plan for you guys I believe it with all my heart. I love you guys bunches<3 mwahh* :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Down syndrome day 3.21.12

Happy down syndrome day to my precious babies. mama loves you all so very much. I am sorry I haven't been on to much. But I think of you all very often and I pray for you all. :) ~love Mama~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear baby kenny. you are my precious son and I love you more then words can say. I pray for you often that you will get a family. you are a blessing and when you get adopted you're family will love you so much and think the world of you.             Love you, mama<3

Update.. my kenny has a forever family. this makes me so happy. I know I haven't been on lately but I am trying to catch up now. mama loves you kenny man!! :)

New picture of my Winne<3